Making quality products with a long service life is important for the environment. It contributes to
less use and throw away. But sometimes it's not enough. That is why we present our FW22 collection based on recycled and sustainable materials.
We call it resposible evolution.

Adopting zero waste materials

Integrating as much recycled content as possible into a product is a practical way to reduce waste, but it’s not enough. Toe boxes and counters are hidden components that are used to give a shoe structure. By printing these to the correct shape, rather than using the traditional die-cut method, we can eliminate a significant number of offcuts, which are difficult to recycle, reducing waste in the manufacturing process. For EA/FW22 the majority of our styles will use Zero waste toe box and counter materials. For EA & FW22 we’ve estimated this change saves over 600 kg of waste from being created. That’s the equivalent of over 900 pairs of STORO CITY CROSS!

Our materials

Shoes are complex. Did you know that our shoes can contain over 50 different elements? We’re working through switching all our ‘hidden components’ materials to contain recycled or biobased content. We will begin to transition to recycled polyester. This reduces our use of virgin plastics and promotes the reuse of waste. From EA22 onwards you’ll already see that some of our uppers, linings, laces and webbings are shifting from virgin to recycled plastics. Integrating blends of recycled rubber into our outsoles, helps to reduce waste in the manufacturing process. We’re currently testing different options that provide the optimum balance between sustainability and performance. We plan to launch this product very soon.

Recycled plastic

Recycled polyester is produced from waste such as plastic bottles, something which may otherwise been thrown away. By using this recycled material we’re helping to give new life to something that may have otherwise been wasted. We are constantly looking for ways to maximize recycled content; from the constructional materials we use through to uppers and laces. From EA22 you will see our first styles using recycled plastics.

Certified leather

We recognise the importance of sourcing leather from tanneries with proven environmental management practices, that’s why it’s so important we use manufacturing partners who are members of the Leather Working Group (LWG). Most of the tanneries they work with have silver and gold LWG accreditation which means they demonstrate best practices across the spectrum one of the key focuses being environmental performance.

Recycled rubber

We want to help find uses for waste created in the footwear manufacturing process. Our goal is to integrate recycled rubber waste into our outsoles, without compromising on performance!